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Saturday, August 9, 2008

We have Lift Off!

What an amazing day for Lupus and Brad Coleman Racing. My daughter and I met many people touched by Lupus, today. People in the NASCAR world, people outside of it, standing at the fence chatting it up with the drivers and even with sponsors like us. For those of you out there today, thank you, thank you! You inspired my daughter, son and me all day so we could take the Lupus message to a bigger audience. We succeeded thanks to Brad Coleman, his racing team, ESPN, all of the NASCAR press, and all of those people that we connected with today.

Brad finished 10th in one of the most gut-wrenching, heart-yanking, motivational runs I've ever seen. He got popped up in the air by another driver, shredding his front left hood and quarterpanel, got blinded for an agonizing amount of time by a ball of tape used to patch the damage, and he pounded that car through holes that no one else saw to finish in a place right up there with the big boys. This young hot-shot has arrived, and the Lupus community was part of it. And, he never scratched the Life without Lupus logos! We're definitely going to swing through Charlotte, North Carolina on our way to Daytona to see Brad in his hometown. Watch for photos from this awe-inspiring day. Coming soon.


Blogger Adriana Josina said...

Here I am again! I follow this all the way now. I browsed last night with my best friend google until the wee-wee hours to find out if there's was any news about the race. I couldn't find much. Hopes there will be images to find on YouTube? As well from your awareness cycling trip too. What a courage. I've read it all with tears in my eyes.
In the Netherlands they do not any research or awareness whatsoever. I've become an outcast and of course I'm not the only one....But all you there in the US gives me at least a bit of hope. I've bookmarket this all and keep on track on a daily basis from now own.
I'm almost jealous I wasn't there too!
I don't see a rookies in the GP do things like this. They rather be celebrities. Hail Brad Coleman!

All the best to your family especially your daugther, my fellow lupie!


August 10, 2008 10:21 AM  
Blogger Sally Paradysz said...

Watched the race, it was filled with emotion and excitement. Hard to see the Lupus Panels as the car speeds by but I knew they were there doing the job.

Great kick-off!
love all of you,

August 11, 2008 4:45 AM  
OpenID adrian830 said...

This is such a great journey to support a cause that is so near and dear to all of us. Your training to do this has got to be intense. We wish you all the best of luck. Ride on!

The Adrian's

August 19, 2008 7:34 PM  

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