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Friday, April 17, 2009

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support and kind words. Being here and doing this for Lupus is an honor.

A week to go from tomorrow. By Sunday, I'll be physically ready and have next week to just keep the legs spinning. I'm trying to find the right balance of carbs and protein, but I know my italian wife and mother in-law will be helping me out on the pasta front this weekend! Don't forget to tell anyone you know with Lupus to check out the website during the event: we'll have a live feed and some videos so they can be part of what's happening for them.


Blogger Andy said...

We are ready to go! I hope your easy rides during the next few days go well. You deserve it after all of these months. It wasn't long ago when you were night riding on the cold, windy, hilly island. Now it will all pay off.
I'll see you Friday at the track.

Ride on...

April 17, 2009 11:06 AM  
Blogger shelly and bartz crew said...

One week and counting! Know that your Danville, CA family is cheering you on 100%! We are so proud of you Chris!
Special Thanks to Andy to be there for you for your ride!
Love, Us

April 18, 2009 3:17 PM  

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