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Saturday, October 4, 2008

On the phone today, someone said to me: "With so much focus on solving the Lupus issues as your mission, you must be very motivated." What a great way to describe what's happening behind this effort. Every day, I am privileged to get on my bike to ride further and further and stronger and stronger for those suffering from Lupus. From my daughter to my friend in NYC, to the women who works for GM Motorsports, to someone I met online from New Zealand, this Ride is getting more inspiring all the time. Today, I pushed harder than I have since I started - my legs were jelly, literally, when I was done. I had nothing left and, yet, I smiled because this is important. As the momentum builds and word is getting out, it's getting very exciting. With Wall Street in the dumps, it's time to get that bell-ringing picture off the home page! Soon...soon!


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