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Thursday, April 2, 2009

23 days to go and counting....

The Velodrome dry run last weekend went great. My brother and I were able to test out the experience, including bottle and food handoffs, communication through our walkie talkies (it had a wireless headset!) and some motivational comments. Last week was my biggest volume week since I began, over 22 hours in total. Check out the videos on YouTube or Facebook my brother took. We had some fun at the track, too! We've broken the $30,000 barrier in sponsorships raised which is truly remarkable. And, just as amazing, I'm hearing from Lupus patients and Lupus blogs from around the world who are supporting the Ride. It's like the Ride has lit a match. Keep the comments and blogging flowing. They are fabulously supportive and I know my daughter and others out there appreciate every word you write.


Blogger Sally Paradysz said...

23 days and counting down....ride on Chris, ride on!

All for the Higher purpose!
love your efforts,

April 2, 2009 6:42 AM  

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